Histoire de la vie privée en Angleterre, 1600-1800
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3VAEMHIB : Histoire des idées britanniques, XVIe-XVIIIe siècles

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Jeudi: 10h-11h30.

Ressources supplémentaires en ligne : https://www.diigo.com/user/Yanbrailowsky/private_life

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Calendrier des séances

Le travail indiqué ci-dessous est à effectuer pour le jour indiqué. IMPORTANT: le programme est susceptible d’être modifié.

1. Week 1: 13 Sept.

Introduction: the emergence of a private sphere in early modern England.

  • In class: OED on privacy; J. Harington (‘In prayse of private life’); Erasmus (‘The Schoolmaster’s Admonitions’)

2. Week 2: 20 Sept.

Introduction (continued).

The Family (I): The Patriarchal model, Marriage and Divorce

3. Week 3: 27 Sept.

The Family (II): Wives, widows, spinsters, servants, bachelors, children…

  • Read: texts by J. Locke (‘Second Treatise on Civil Government’), M. Astell (‘Reflections on Mariage’).
  • Listen: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p00548c2 (45mn), on marriage
  • In class: J. Swift (‘Directions to servants’)

4. Week 4: 4 Oct.

Religion and Privacy: Protestantism and private devotion

5. Week 5: 11 Oct.

Religion and Privacy: Protestantism and private devotion (continued)

The home: Architecture, material culture and domestic life (I)

6. Week 6: 18 Oct.

IMPORTANT : cours reporté. Je ferai parvenir par email aux étudiants inscrits à ce cours (cf. formulaire ci-dessus) des notes rédigées pour rattraper la séance. Nous pourrons faire le point la semaine suivante.

The home: Architecture, material culture and domestic life (II)

Privacy and Sociability (I)

7. Week 7: 25 Oct.

The home: Architecture, material culture and domestic life (II)

Privacy and Sociability

    • READ: notes sent by email (see message above if you haven’t received it)
    • Read: J. Habermas (‘The structural transformation of the public sphere’)
  • In class: Joseph Addison (‘The Spectator’ n. 403, n. 568, n. 9).
  • In class: bring brochure with pictures.

8. Week 8: 1 Nov. Break

9. Week 9: 8 Nov.

Privacy and the Modern State

  • Listen: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b0080xph (45mn), on the Divine right of kings
  • Read: John Mackenzie; John Evelyn
  • In class: F. Bacon (‘The charge… touching duells’); John Bennett (‘A discourse against… duelling’); Bernard Mandeville (‘Fable of the Bees’).

10. Week 10: 15 Nov.

Privacy and the Self: Fashion and Philosophy

    • Read: J. Locke (‘Essay Concerning Human Understanding’, II.27)

11. Week 11: 22 Nov.

Correction of mid-term exam.

Writing and reading practices. Intimacy.

  • Read: Memoirs of a Lady of Quality
  • In class: Diary of Ralph Josselin; Fielding (‘Shamela’ extracts).


13. Week 13: 6 Dec.

Privacy and outdoor spaces.

14. Week 14: 13 Dec. FINALS

Partiel. (1h30).

Please note that this programme will be updated.

Modalités de contrôle

  • Session 1 : contrôle continu. La note finale est la moyenne de deux devoirs écrits (30% pour le premier, 70% pour le second), dont au moins un devoir sur table de 1h30 (commentaire ou dissertation).
  • Formule dérogatoire session 1 : 1 devoir sur table (commentaire de texte, 2h).
  • Session 2 : 1 devoir sur table (commentaire de texte, 2h).

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1. Some of these podcasts may not be freely available.