El sistema que programa la computadora que alarma al banquero que alerta al embajador que cena con el general que emplaza al presidente que intima al ministro que amenaza al director general que humilla al gerente que grita al jefe que prepotea al empleado que desprecia al obrero que maltrata a la mujer que golpea al hijo que patea al perro

Eduardo Galeano – Días y noches de amor y de guerra (1978)

I like to recommend several open-source tools to friends and colleagues working in the Humanities.

“Regarded by some as a philosophy and by others a pragmatic methodology, open-source relates to practices in the production of products which promote access to their sources” (WP). Open source software is software whose source code is available to the public: you can copy it, modify it, redistribute it for free, forever. You are no longer tied to proprietary software vendors. Open source code can be developed collaboratively, enabling anyone to participate in the improvement of an original design… for the benefit of all.

Open-source projects

I contribute to a number of projects, essentially as a translator and documentalist: Wikka, PHPlist… and serve as webmaster for several websites.

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