Angles: New Perspectives on the Anglophone World

The SAES launched a new online journal in 2014: ANGLES: New Perspectives on the Anglophone World (ISSN: 2274-2042). It is an international, scholarly, peer-reviewed journal published bi-annually, and is currently indexed by MLA, EBSCO, and ERIH Plus.

Rather than creating just another academic journal dedicated to the Anglophone world (covering all sub-disciplines and periods, from the Ancient world to the 21st century, from Alaska to Australia, including history, literature, linguistics, film, art history, didactics, etc.), the editorial committee decided to promote an experimental venture.

In addition to more traditional academic articles, the journal has been publishing experimental work. A film analysis in comic-book form, several video documentaries, a dance performance, an A-to-Z, a philosophical essay… from both ECR and Emeriti professors. Issues also include video editorials, in an effort to present research differently.

We even tried having a few promotional teasers for our first issues:

I have been serving as General Editor since 2014, during which time we have published several issues on a wide range of topics:

  1. Brevity is the soul of wit. Guest editor : Y. Brailowsky
  2. New Approaches to the Body – Performance, Experimentations. Guest editor : Anne-Laure Fortin-Tournès
  3. Angles and limes – Examining and challenging research in Anglo-American studies. Guest editor : Pascale Antolin
  4. Unstable states, mutable conditions. Guest editor : Cornelius Crowley
  5. The Cultures and Politics of Leisure in the British Isles and the United States. Guest editors : Laurent Châtel and Thibaut Clément
  6. Experimental Art, guest editors : Brigitte Félix, Anne-Laure Fortin-Tournès, and Hélène Lecossois
  7. Digital Subjectivities, guest editor : Claire Larsonneur
  8. Neoliberalism in the Anglophone World, guest editors: Simon Dawes and Marc Lenormand
  9. Reinventing the Sea, guest editors: Geetha Ganapathy-Doré and Ludmila Volná
  10. Creating the Enemy, guest editors: Jacob Maillet and Cécile Dudouyt

We are always looking for new contributors willing to embrace the journal’s editorial policy.

More information can be found on the journal’s website: